Compaction Control for Asphalt Compactors

Eliminate the guesswork, roll a more efficient pattern, increase productivity and save fuel. The surface will speak for itself.

Volvo asphalt compactor with compaction control

Features and Benefits

Trimble compaction control systems help you roll a more uniform surface and increase your efficiency.

A Full-Color Graphical Display

  • View compaction progress, pass counts and mat temperature information on an easy-to-use color display

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

  • Monitor pass counts only or pass counts plus temperature
  • Add temperature sensors or precision accuracy
  • Wirelessly transfer Intelligent Compaction data from the machine to the office with the Trimble SNM941 Connected Site Gateway
  • Collect compatible data files that are ready to import into a Veta intelligent construction project
  • Document compaction operations on site with an optional in-cab printer

Reliability of the Trimble Paving Workflow

  • Use one workflow from the initial design model to the last pass of the compactor
  • Leverage on-machine components for milling, asphalt paving and compaction
  • Monitor and analyze compaction efficiency from the office

CCS900 Compaction Control System

The premium system for improving asphalt compaction operations and rolling a more efficient surface offers several advantages to improve your compaction efficiency.


  • Pass count mapping to monitor the number of passes and avoid over or under-compaction
  • Wireless data share allows each compactor to see the work being done by other compactors in real-time to achieve better surface quality, and save time and fuel
  • Transfer compaction data to the office for analysis


  • Single GNSS 
  • Dual GNSS 
  • Total-station based 

In-cab components include a display and an optional in-cab printer for on-site documentation and sign-off purposes.

Monitoring and Analysis

Supervisors and quality managers can monitor compaction activities using the optional in-cab printer or web-based software.

  • Continuously monitor pass counts and compaction meter values over the entire area and on all material layers
  • Improve testing success, reduce rework and lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Reduce over-compaction to optimize fuel use and machine time
  • Ensure uniform lift, consistent pass counts and target compaction meter values to increase the surface quality and operational life
  • Monitor temperature maps to ensure compaction to the specified temperature range

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